Saturday, 4 June 2011

Portmeirion Pomona - Brand New - 23 pieces + free 6 pieces border dinner plate (23/2011)

Side plates (22 cm) - different pattern

Side plates (22cm) - different pattern

Breakfast/hi-tea cups and saucers - different pattern

Tea pot

Large Pasta Bowl (26cm)

Large pasta bowl (26 cm)

Pasta servers

Brand New Portmeirion Border Dinner Plates - FOC

Brand new Portmeirion Pomona for breakfast or hi-tea. 

6 x side plates (22 cm)
6 x border dinner plates (27cm) - FOC
6 x breakfast/hi-tea cups
6 x saucers
1 x large pasta bowl (26cm and 4.5cm depth) 
1 x tea pot
1 x milk jug
2 x pasta servers

Price RM1680.00 and RM150.00 for shipping

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